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Michael P. Arrigo, D.M.D.

Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics

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Severe Overbite and Crowding

Treatment was started at approximately age 10 to begin the correction of a severe overbite. Lower jaw crowding was resolved with a lip bumper prior to placement of braces.

Severe Crowding

This case was treated in two phase. The upper jaw was very constricted, a palate expander was used to widen the upper jaw and gain space in the first phase of treatment. The second phase of treatment which included full upper and lower braces was started at a later date. During this phase a lip bumper was used on the lower jaw to gain space prior to placing braces on the lower teeth. The timing of treatment in this case enabled us to resolve severe upper and lower crowding without extracting permenent teeth.

Facial photographs before and after treatment

Severe Crowding and Overjet

This patient age 11 has a severe overjet, overbite and moderate upper crowding. A palatel expander was used on the upper jaw to resolve the upper crowding. A removeable night time brace was used to correct the overjet.

Facial photographs before and after treatment

Cross Bite With Periodotal Problem

Facial photograhes before and after treatment

Crowding With Irregular Erruption

Facial photographs before and after treatment

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